Here, you can find all of the publications and celebrity endorsements that the expedition has generated.


Classic Car Weekly
Taxi to Sydney
19th January 2011

Yorskshire Evening Post
January 2011
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Aston University News
Match the Mileage?
January 2011
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Car Rentals Blog
The World’s Longest Ever Taxi Ride
January 2011
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Radio Aire FM
News Segment/Interview
January 2011

Wetherby News
December 2010

The British Red Cross blog
2 September 2010
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Aston Alumni newsletter
August 2010
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Celebrity Endorsements

Boris Johnson
"It's on the meter' is a fantastic project to raise money for the British Red Cross through an adventure in a London Black Cab across four continents. I'm delighted this iconic symbol of London will be used to raise awareness of and money for such a wonderful charity, and I wish the team the best of luck on their journey."
- Mayor Boris Johnson.

Ranulph (Ran) Fiennes
Celebrity Patron for It’s on the Meter.