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UK Version:
It's on the Meter: One Taxi, Three Mates and 43,000 Miles of Misadventures around the World

UK Version

‘Hilarious new book’ and ‘This fun and light-hearted tale of a far from usual road trip is well worth a read’. - The Daily Express

'An inspiring story told with lashings of energy and humour Ranulph Fiennes

'This is the trip I would take if I were younger, braver and lightly but certifiably out of my mind.' - Bill Bryson 

'What do you do after leaving university? Get a boring office job – or drive a black cab 43,000 miles around the world? Ernest Hemingway said always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. These lads did and raised 20 K whilst smashing two world records. Brilliant.' Andy Parsons

'High adventure filled with hilarity and mischief – it goes to show what can happen when you combine some serious guts and a daft idea.'  - Levison Wood


German Version:
Drei Freunde, ein Taxi, kein Plan ...: aber einmal um die Welt

German Version

SPIEGEL-Bestseller 2016


US Version:
It's On the Meter: Traveling the World by London Taxi

American Version  (to be released on 16 May 2017)


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