“The engine seems bulletproof, it’ll get you er… at least to the end of our road”

This weekend we were reunited with our beloved Hannah in deepest darkest Gloucestershire. Now that it’s less than six months until we depart we decided it was time to get the taxi on the road and start getting her ready for the epic journey.
The plan was to meet up on Friday night and check Hannah was still alive then take her in for an MOT the next morning so she could be roadworthy from then then until January 7th when we’ll be tootling out of London and over the sea.
Paul and I got a little bit delayed in a parade of cyclists in London so by the time we arrived at Paul’s parent’s house (where the taxi had been sitting in the garage for the last year) Leigh had already been hard at work for hours. I was extremely pleased to be told that the car had started with no problems and that Leigh, with the help of a mechanic’s manual he managed to get hold of, had changed the accelerator cable we had been having problems with.

In need of a good clean

It was also the first time the team had seen each other since finishing university so we were soon excitedly discussing the trip and the new itinerary whilst sat in the back of the dusty cab with a cold beer.

Discussing the trip


The next morning we found that the quiet and dark of the country had proved too strong for us after months of city-living and we all overslept a little bit. However, we soon caught our schedule up and by 10am had managed to insure the car and get her to the MOT testing station.

We nervously killed time for a few hours before making our way back to the garage. I was personally fearing the worst (especially after seeing the soot pumping out of the exhaust after months standing) but we were pleasantly surprised. Hannah didn’t quite pass the MOT (thanks to a random missing seatbelt that hasn’t been picked up in the previous twenty year’s worth of tests and some other minor things) but the problems were small and Leigh is now in the process of solving them.

Good as new!

We’ll have a short video blog of the day up soon and the coming week sees sponsorship and PR meetings in London…

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