The New Itinerary!

We’ve gone over the route in detail and here is our new itinerary. We’d love it if you took a look through and let us know if you’d like to visit us for a leg anywhere – we’re going to need some fresh company to stop us driving each other crazy!
We hope to get some kind of online “booking system” up in the future so we can see who is visiting us where but for now just write a comment on here.
PS – the gaps in the itinerary can be seen here
7 January London/Paris
8 January Amsterdam
10 January Berlin
12 January Copenhagen
15 January Stockholm
22 January Helsinki
28 January Moscow
31 January Minsk
3 February Kiev
7 February Krakow
10 February Prague
13 February Vienna
15 February Venice
19 February Zurich
21 February Monaco
23 February Rome
4 March Tunis
7 March Tripoli
15 March Cairo
25 March Sharm el Sheikh
28 March Amman
30 March Damascus
3 April Gaziantep
7 April Tehran
17 April Kerachi
23 April Dehli
30 April Mumbai
13 May Calcutta
20 May Katmandu
23 May Lhasa
31 May Chengdu
10 June Beijing
17 June Shanghai
24 June Hong Kong
30 June Ha Noi
8 July Ho Chi Minh City
11 July Phnom Penh
16 July Bangkok
24 July Kuala Lumpur
27 July Singapore
12 August Darwin
18 August Townsville
23 August Brisbane
29 August SYDNEY!

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