We made it to Sydney! (but this isn’t the end…)

We made it to Sydney!

But this isn’t it…


We did it!  We have driven a black cab from London to Sydney and broken the World Record for the longest ever taxi journey in 296 days.  It has been the adventure of a lifetime, bloody hard work, scorching hot, freezing cold, thrilling, dirty, smelly, scary, funny, boring, exhilarating, and most of all, fun.

But this isn’t it.  We were contacted by a company called GetTaxi, a start up company who allow people to order taxis from their smart phones (check them out and get their app here), who said they would fund us to drive all the way back to London.

We said no.


Hannah would not survive the journey back through Asia (and we weren’t sure we would either!). However, we said we would drive around to London, through the USA, then Europe and back to the UK, they said ok, and we confirmed it only a few days ago.  We asked the folks following us on Facebook if they thought this was a good idea, 98% of people agreed (2% were our mates being annoying).  So this is it.  We’re driving Hannah onto a ship to San Francisco next week…

And then we’re going to circumnavigate the World in a Black Cab 

We’ll add an updated map soon.


Massive Thank You

We could not have got this far by ourselves.  There are too many people to thank, and I’m sure there will be many more to come

Our 20+ sponsors who made this possible.  Without your money, parts, gear and help we would be sat in my garage at home with a slowly rusting black cab.  A special thanks has to go to Performance Direct and the Non Standard Awards

Our friends and family who supported us the entire way (don’t worry, we weren’t sure we’d make it this far either!)

The Couchsurfers, friends, and randoms who gave us a bed, a feed, a workshop or a patch of grass for our tents, without you, we’d be on park benches and would never have made it.

Every person who smiled, waved, honked or taken a picture of us as we were driving along, it really keeps us going.

GetTaxi for allowing us to go further

Every person who has donated to the British Red Cross on our behalf.  You’ve helped us raise £10,000 so far for their really rather awesome work.


Now, we made a pledge to drive to Sydney in a black cab.  We have now done this (and it was not easy!), please, please, please donate a little something to the Red Cross on our behalf (£10, for example, is the same as a few drinks down the pub).

We would really appreciate it, but not as much as the thousands of people they help.

Click on this link to do so www.justgiving.com/itsonthemeter

We’ll see you on the way, or back in London at the finish line in Covent Garden, London mid April

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6 thoughts on “We made it to Sydney! (but this isn’t the end…)

  1. I'm sure you'll find the USA welcoming to this. Hopefully we can get you free beds all along the way.

    Petrol is costing us more than usual here, but nothing compared to what it costs in England.

    Nice work guys- been a great journey to follow. I'll be kicking a donation over this week on behalf of you all.

  2. hey , i really loved the post because i'm about to travel to australia myself! but i didn't spent much with acomodation because i'm doing a,house swap so it's almost for free! have a great time there!

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